Dr. Lubitz’s new Fifth Element Skin Care line for women and men

Dr. Paul Lubitz’s New Fifth Element Skincare Isn’t Your Everyday Skin Care Product

We all should know just how important our skin’s health is. After all, the skin is the largest organ of our bodies and it plays several very important roles that affect our overall health such as acting as a physical barrier from the harmful effects of the environment (ie UV radiation), absorption and secretion of vital nutrients and chemicals and multiple immunological functions such as protection from infection and removal of cancer-causing cells, a process known as tumour surveillance.

Healthy skin is not only essential to enjoying a vibrant and healthy outward appearance, it also makes us feel better physically and psychologically on the inside. Patients, for example, with chronic skin disease such as eczema, psoriasis or acne, can suffer from years of itch, inflammation, infection, fatigue and pain not to mention the psychological effects such as frustration and low self-esteem. For those of us without a skin disease per se, but who live in colder, harsher climates, as we have here in the Mountains of Western Canada, we all know just how irritating it can be to have dry, agitated, inflamed or irritated skin.

There are plenty of skincare products on the market to help us improve our skin’s health, function and feel. But, that’s a double-edged sword. Given the sheer number of skincare products out there, many of which differ quite widely in their ingredients, quality and how they purport to improve skin’s health, how do consumers decide which products are best?

Many have heard of the adverse health effects of parabens and wisely steer away from beauty and skincare products that still contain parabens, a preservative, as a main ingredient. However, that still leaves many skincare products to choose from.

The fact is that most skincare users, and people in general, regardless of gender or age, do not take the time or are not given the resources to learn about the ingredients that are in the skin products they use. Also, unless there is a major skin issue, many people do not choose their skincare products under the guidance of a trained and licensed dermatologist, an accredited skin specialist. When patients attempt to self diagnose their own skin type and condition, in addition to choosing a skin product under the advice of a non-skin specialist, they often end up with products that result in minimal to no improvement in their skin condition and in many unfortunate cases, can make the skin conditions significantly worse.

“It’s important that people take the time to understand some of the major ingredients in their skincare products.” This is a comment from Dr. Paul Lubitz, a Canadian dermatologist who practices at Art of SKIN Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetic Surgery, an Advanced Skincare Centre in Canmore, Alberta that he opened last year. “Parabens is clearly something that should be avoided in skincare products if possible. But, people would also benefit from having some understanding of what common skincare ingredients are able to do when used correctly, ingredients like alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta-hydroxy acids (BHAs) and Hyaluronic Acid.”

In December last year, Dr. Paul Lubitz and his dermatological team at Art of SKIN Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetic Surgery introduced their own two lines of professional, therapeutic skincare products. The new lines – called Fifth Element and Fifth Element MD – have natural, botanical ingredients that were individually and carefully chosen by Dr. Paul Lubitz and Catherine Lubitz, who is a professionally trained cosmetic consultant and skincare specialist. The ingredients in Fifth Element and Fifth Element MD – many of which are certified organic – are specifically hand-picked because of their ability to help skin deal with harsh, colder, high altitude, high UV climates that exist in the western mountainous regions of Canada.

“Having spent most of my life in Canada, I know how harsh our northern climates can be for our skin. Also, I have had many, many patients complain to me about dry, damaged and irritated skin, especially during the wintertime but also in the summer months with our long days of sunlight and high UV exposure,” says Dr. Lubitz. “So, part of our goal in introducing these lines was to formulate botanical products with ingredients that can truly help winter, UV and environment damaged skin, and can do so without the use of growth enhancers, preservatives and parabens. It also makes me feel confident in providing products to my patients that are rigorously tested under varied clinical conditions to ensure the safety of all our active ingredients, which is the case with all the products of both Fifth Element product lines.”

As mentioned, Art of SKIN’s new skincare lines are composed of two lines, Fifth Element and Fifth Element MD. Fifth Element uses organic ingredients like orange, licorice, mango, tea, alongside active ingredients, like DMAE, CoEnzyme Q10, AHA’s and BHA’s (alpha and beta hydroxyacids), and plant derived Hyaluronic Acid. These pairings help create stronger, healthier skin with increased hydration and cellular repair capabilities.

Meanwhile, Art of SKIN’s Fifth Element MD line is more advanced and geared toward anti-aging, reparative and corrective solutions, and targeting the skin on a molecular and cellular level. The Fifth Element MD line uses multiple cosmeceutical ingredients that aid in moisture retention, reduction of cellular degradation, and collagen remodeling; each an important component to help repair skin cell damage leading to healthier skin, increased skin lustre and a reduction of fine lines and include such ingredients as argireline ™, DMAE, GABA, animo acids and thioctic acid.

“After skin procedures like infusion treatments, chemical peels or laser treatments, it is important that the patient use dermatologist recommended and directed skincare to ensure proper healing, and to enhance and maintain lasting treatment results.” says Dr. Paul Lubitz. “In formulating the Fifth Element MD line, our team at Art of SKIN Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetic Surgery sought to create products that could improve and maintain the clinical skin treatments we perform. That’s exactly what the Fifth Element MD line does.”

Art of Skin’s Fifth Element and Fifth Element MD skincare products can be found exclusively at Dr. Paul Lubitz’s Art of SKIN Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetic Surgery, which is located at 1240 Railway Avenue #204, Canmore, Alberta T1W 1P4.

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