Microblading/Permanent Makeup

What is Permanent Makeup?

Microblading eyebrows for semi-permanent make-upPermanent makeup (also called: micro-pigmentation, derma-pigmentation, permanent cosmetics and cosmetic tattooing) is a specialized technique of cosmetic tattoo that is used to achieve a long lasting look that mimics makeup.  The pigmentation is deposited within the upper dermal layer of the skin.

In most cases touch-up procedures are needed approximately 6 weeks after the initial process to ensure even application and contouring.  Although it is called permanent makeup, it does fade over time due to the structure of the pigment molecules changing.  Other reasons for the pigments to fade faster could be your overall health, diet and sun exposure. Touch up procedures may be necessary to maintain results over time.  Plus, individual colour tastes change over time as well, so the black liner might look better as dark brown or the dramatic red lips might look better as a softer neutral red 5 years later.

When it comes to permanent makeup we treat all age groups.  Whether the individual has lost some of their sight or has mobility issues and can no longer apply their own makeup properly or if you are a sports-minded individual and are busy in the water or perspiring during your activities, permanent makeup might make your life simpler.  We find mom’s that are busy and always on the go love the ease of not having to worry about one more thing to do in the morning as well.

Permanent Makeup Treatments


This is now one of the most common forms of permanent makeup currently being performed.  A blade is used to etch pigment into the skin.  Fine strokes are etched into the skin within the brows to mimic a hair strand. Strokes can be etched both fine and thicker, the deeper the pigment is etched into the skin the broader the hair stroke.  Micro-blading normally lasts between 9-12 months with full pigment.  You will notice the pigment gradually fading, depending on the colour used it may fade to a light pink or a blue hue.  Fading to these colours doesn’t mean the artist chose the colours incorrectly, the pigments will slowly oxidize and change.  Other reasons for the pigments to fade faster could be your overall health, diet and sun exposure.

Brow-fill treatments:

Achieved by using a permanent makeup tattooing machine to fill the area in fully.  The client can choose one full colour or an ombré fade.  This is a longer treatment than Micro-blading and the pigment will last much longer as it is denser and placed deeper in the skin.  Most clients prefer a powder finish which looks more natural than “old school” brows that appeared shiny due to scar tissue.  This look is achieved by moving your hand piece in one direction instead of moving back and forth.  This makes the treatment time longer but with superior results.


Lips can be filled, lined, straightened, rounded and even create a pout illusion.  During your lip treatment, a permanent makeup tattooing machine will be used to deposit the pigment in linear fashion deeper in the skin. At Art of SKIN we don’t allow our patients to experience unnecessary pain. Before your treatment, we can give you a full dental block so the procedure isn’t uncomfortable.  It is important to discuss if you have a history of cold sores with your technician prior to your lip treatment. You can experience some dryness to the lips and some swelling post treatment.  Using recommended post care will help alleviate the dryness and assist in healing.

Eye Liner:

Eye Liner is applied with a permanent makeup tattooing machine.  This area can also encompass lash enhancement.  Whether you are looking at wanting a lash enhancement, permanent wet/dry pigment liner, a fine line or wing tipped liner all will save you time each morning.  The newest term in eyeliner is “En fleek” which is a well-defined line, instead of a fade or ombré look.  During the eyeliner treatment, a topical anesthetic is applied to the skin before and during the treatment.  After the treatment, you will be able to see the results immediately.  The most common colour chosen is black or black/brown.  Note: You can have some swelling of the eye area which normally resolves in one to two days.  If you have very thin skin or a lot of redness to the skin, you might be more reactive and it can be harder to achieve the desired results as the delicate vessels can break as the eye tissue is very thin.

What to Expect:

Your initial procedure can take from 2-2.5 hours depending on the area that is being treated.  Preparation for the procedure includes a discussion of what you desire the outcome to look like, drawing the initial design, and anesthetic.  Then finally the procedure will start. Once the treatment is over post care and follow up will be discussed.  During the treatment, you may feel some mild discomfort although we do use a topical anesthetic and in some cases such as adding pigment to the lips we can use a full dental block.  We try to ensure your as comfortable as possible to ensure the procedure goes smoothly.  Although keep in mind millions of individuals have tattoos inked on their bodies each year with no anesthetic.

Always remember for approximately the first week all pigments will appear darker than the final product.  This is because of a mild crust that forms on the area while the skin below is healing.

Good to know:

  • Some of the most common risks associated with any tattoo is an allergic reaction, or a foreign body reaction which means your body will try to reject the ink. At Art of SKIN we use only Health Canada Approved Pigments.
  • What happens in 5 years and the pigment is still there but the trends have changed? The best advice is don’t go crazy with the colours that you chose or with the style of the brows.   We do have lasers at Art of SKIN to remove tattoos if necessary as well.
  • Art of SKIN is an approved Non-Hospital Surgical Facility, we follow strict guidelines for sterilization procedures and the restriction of cross contamination.