Screening & Prevention

Screening & Prevention

Sun Awareness and Education

screening-preventionPrevention is the most effective weapon we have in the battle against skin cancer. At Art of SKIN Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetic Surgery, we take great care in educating our patients on how to be sun aware and sun smart.  Patient and public education, appropriate protection from the sun, and regular skin examinations by an accredited dermatologist are all part of a healthy sun awareness program and are critical elements in the maintenance of optimal skin health.

Skin Cancer and Pre-Cancer Skin Screening

We offer comprehensive skin cancer screening and prevention services.  Annual full-body skin exams as well as exams of suspect areas and individual lesions are very important in helping to catch early-stage precancerous lesions and skin cancer lesions before they develop or spread.

Skin cancer screenings include:

  • Compilation of an in-depth patient history to help determine the relevant risk factors a particular patient has for the development of precancer and skin cancer lesions.
  • Thorough cutaneous examinations with particular emphasis on the detection of precancer and skin cancer lesions.
  • Mole assessment and mole mapping.
  • Presentation and discussion of the various treatment modalities for the different types of lesions diagnosed.
  • Patient education on the characteristic features of precancerous lesions, skin cancer lesions, and preventative methods for the future.
  • Patient education on appropriate sun protection measures, ie: sunscreen, sun protective clothing, and sunglasses.
  • Patient specific follow-up or routine surveillance plans.

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