Treatment for Skin Cancer

Treatment for Skin Cancer

We offer a full range of treatment options for different types of skin cancer including melanoma and non-melanoma types (basal cell, squamous cell etc).  Cancer treatment is tailored to the individual patient, and the specific type and severity of the skin cancer involved.

Dr. Lubitz as an accredited Dermatologist is a skilled skin specialist, trained to diagnose and effectively treat the different types of skin cancer. However, in Dr. Lubitz’s case, in addition to his core training in Dermatology, Dr. Lubitz also completed additional training in advanced surgical closure techniques by multiple surgical specialists in the fields of dermatologic surgery and plastic surgery during and following his core residency training. Dr. Lubitz has 20 years of experience treating the different types of skin cancer.

Advanced Treatment Options for Skin Cancer

ED + C (Electrodessication and Curettage)

Your doctor first removes most of a growth by carefully scraping away the layers of cancer cells with a specially designed surgical instrument.  An electric needle and current is then used to destroy any remaining cancer cells. This method of cancer treatment is often useful for patients that are not good surgical candidates.

Surgical Excision

Surgical excision is the preferred method of removing the vast majority of skin cancers and provides minimal risk of recurrence when the surgical margins are adequately cleared. Excision may be appropriate for any type of skin cancer. Your doctor surgically excises the cancerous tissue as well as a surrounding safety margin of healthy skin. The surgical defect created by the removal of the skin cancer is then carefully repaired to ensure the most cosmetically pleasing outcome.

Mohs Surgery

In some special cases, Dr. Lubitz will suggest Mohs surgery. This is a particular type of surgical excision useful for some particular types of skin cancers. This procedure is most effective for recurring or difficult-to-treat skin cancers on the face. It’s often used for more aggressive type basal cell carcinomas (ie infiltrative type), and for areas where it’s desirable to conserve as much skin as possible, such as on the eyelid, or nasal tip particularly in younger patients who have less skin laxity to aid in repairs. Patients requiring or who would benefit from this procedure are currently referred to surgical skin specialists in Calgary or Edmonton.


Topical or oral chemotherapy can be used in some cases for some skin cancers. It is most often used when surgical resection of the cancer is not possible, either because of the extent of the cancer or because the patient is not a good surgical candidate.

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