Treatment for Skin Pre-Cancer

Treatment for Skin Pre-Cancer

Treatment for Skin Pre-CancerWe offer a variety of advanced treatments for the different types and degrees of pre-cancerous skin lesions such as actinic keratoses and dysplastic nevi. Early detection and treatment of precancerous lesions is very important in preventing the development of both the melanoma and non-melanoma types of skin cancer.  In developing an individual treatment plan for a patient, the particular presentation of the disease, the degree of the disease and the patient’s lifestyle are all taken into consideration—treatment is always tailored to the individual patient, and their desired endpoint of therapy.

Advanced treatment options for pre-cancerous skin lesions include:

Surgical Removal

A definitive treatment option that permanently removes the risk of an atypical lesion developing into a skin cancer.


The use of topical medications such as Effudex, Aldara, and Picato, to stimulate a patient’s own immune system to effectively recognize and destroy abnormal precancerous cells.

PDT ( Photodynamic Therapy)

The use of a photosensitizing agent such as Levulan and different types of  light, such as laser light, blue light, red light and daylight, to treat and destroy precancerous cells.

TCA Chemical Peels

The use of TCA chemical peeling to remove the outer layers of skin to specific and prescribed depths including the damaged precancerous cells.


A procedure in which pre-cancerous lesions are destroyed by treating the skin with extremely cold liquid nitrogen. The dead tissue including the abnormal cells sloughs off when it heals.


A procedure where a high-energy laser beam or electrical energy is used to locally destroy the precancerous tissue.


A procedure where tissue is removed by scraping the skin with special surgical instruments. It is often used in conjunction with electrodessication, a procedure using electrical energy similar to electro-fulguration.

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