FIFTH ELEMENT – Advanced Cellular Skincare

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A professional skincare solution: Founded in science, sourced in nature.

FIFTH ELEMENT is comprised of two related but distinct product lines – FIFTH ELEMENT and FIFTH ELEMENT MD. Both product lines have been specifically designed, scientifically developed, medically formulated and individually tailored to help deal with the rigorous demands of the harsh Canadian environment.

FIFTH ELEMENT natural skincare incorporates the botanical, scientifically proven, healing elements of nature into a professionally developed, therapeutic skincare product line.

The botanical ingredients contained within FIFTH ELEMENT are hand picked by a master chemist for freshness and quality, and benefit from our formulation team’s 40 years of experience in the aesthetic, chemistry, and health and beauty industry. This unique skincare utilizes the natural aromatic scents of it’s ingredients such as orange, licorice, mango, tea and so many more along side of well researched and clinically tested ingredients such DMAE, CoEnzyme Q10, AHA’s and BHA’s (alpha and beta hydroxyacids), and plant derived Hyaluronic Acid. The result of these pairings is stronger, healthier skin, with increased hydration and cellular repair capabilities from the powerful antioxidants.

FIFTH ELEMENT is an eco-friendly product line with the majority of the ingredients grown under organic conditions without the use of growth enhancers, preservatives and parabens.

FIFTH ELEMENT MD is an advanced Dermaceutical anti-aging, protective and corrective skincare solution for both men and women targeting the skin on a molecular and cellular level. FIFTH ELEMENT MD was developed in collaboration with leading cosmetic and medical skin specialists to provide an advanced skincare product line capable of achieving the short and long-term results that today’s consumer demands from clinical skincare products. Each product is required to undergo rigorous clinical testing to ensure efficacy and safety of all active ingredients.

FIFTH ELEMENT MD products contain a variety of active ingredients that have been specifically and individually researched to ensure that proven science supports their incorporation and use. By employing advanced technology, recent innovations in skincare, and a greater understanding of skin biology, it is now possible to have proven, clinical effectiveness with cosmeceutical and natural ingredients being blended together in the same products, something that was previously not possible.

Included in the active ingredients found in FIFTH ELEMENT MD are ph balanced AHA’s to refine the skin’s texture, aid in hydration and sebum balancing and vitamins to introduce antioxidants to fight against free radical damage. Also included are natural ingredients such as fruit enzymes to assist in smoothing the surface texture; botanical extracts such as Siberian ginseng, mannentake and shiitake mushroom and licorice root extract to soothe skin sensitivities. Cosmeceutical ingredients that aid in moisture retention and diminishing fine lines include such ingredients as argireline ™, DMAE, GABA, amino acids and thioctic acid to name a few.

FIFTH ELEMENT MD with its advanced cellular therapy of cosmeceutical and biologic ingredients has been developed specifically to help enhance and maintain clinical treatment results following or in combination with a variety of skin procedures such as infusion treatments, chemical peels or laser treatments.

Through our expert skin analysis, clinical treatments, and individually tailored homecare programs incorporating FIFTH ELEMENT and FIFTH ELEMENT MD skincare solutions, most patients are able to achieve dramatic results in smoothing texture and increasing vibrancy of the skin.

When used in conjunction with in-clinic treatments, these clinically proven products help the patient to maximize the performance of reparative treatments through the adoption of a carefully chosen, personally tailored and effective daily skin care program for use at home.
We proudly support sustainable, fair-trade agricultural practices; many of our ingredients are certified organic or grown under organic conditions without the use of preservatives or growth enhancers.

Dr. Lubitz, an accredited Dermatologist with over 15 years of medical and cosmetic experience working in Canada, and Catherine Lubitz, a professionally trained cosmetic consultant, esthetician and laser technician with herself over 15 years of experience working in the esthetic and cosmetic industries, have carefully chosen each product in the FIFTH ELEMENT and FIFTH ELEMENT MD product line to provide a complete skincare solution that best suits the wide variety of skin conditions and cosmetic concerns most often encountered in the Bow Valley and the mountainous areas of Canada’s west.

At Art of SKIN Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetic Surgery in Canmore AB, our professionally trained, esthetic and medical personnel are on hand to help patients choose the correct FIFTH ELEMENT and/or FIFTH ELEMENT MD products that would best help with that patient’s individual skin concerns and needs.

FIFTH ELEMENT and FIFTH ELEMENT MD are exclusively found at Art of SKIN Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetic Surgery in Canmore, Alberta.